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Sports Mouth Guards
Tuscumbia, AL

Sweaty boy with mouth guard in his mouth.Whether you indulge in weekend sporting activities or you’ve enrolled your child in some sort of sport, investing in mouthguards is highly recommended. These days’ people are becoming more aware of wearing a mouthguard while playing sports to protect the mouth and jaw and minimize the impact of injuries that may happen. While it is required to wear a mouthguard in sports with direct physical contact such as football, hockey or lacrosse, it’s also recommended to encourage your children to wear a mouthguard for non-contact sports as well. These include basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, skateboarding, and soccer.

While there are over the counter mouthguards for sports available in the market, it’s recommended you consult Singing River Dentistry and get one customized for you.

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Protects Your Teeth

Irrespective of age or the kind of sport you or your child is involved in, mouthguards can protect your teeth from breaking or chipping. Wearing a good quality mouthguard not only greatly reduces the risk of losing a tooth, but it also cuts down on the chances of additional oral injuries. It’s not just tooth loss that people have to worry about, however, a sports injury can affect dental crowns, root canals, bridges or TMJ treatments as well.

Protects Your Mouth

Mouthguards can protect your entire mouth, tongue and your lips from getting bruised while playing a sport. Kids that have orthodontic fittings or braces should never play any sport without a mouthguard since it could result in severe injuries. Not wearing a mouthguard can also affect the root of your tooth, cause bone damage and cause fractures. All of these are extremely painful and treatment procedures could last for months. Mouthguards can also reduce the risk of a concussion because it helps soften the hit.

Sporting Career

While people don’t think much of it, dental injuries could last for months and in some cases, even years. This means your sporting career could take a massive blow if you’ve been advised to stay away from the sport till you recover. Although some children believe that mouthguards are not the coolest things to wear, they need to understand that mouthguards come with numerous benefits that outnumber the reasons that one shouldn’t wear it.

These days some sleek and modern mouthguards are not bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Instead of looking for generic mouthguards that are available in a ‘one size fits all’ category, it’s better to get them customized to fit your mouth perfectly. Kids that have braces and orthodontic fittings should definitely avail of the benefits of customized mouthguards.

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Mouthguards are not just for children, they are meant anyone who is involved in playing sports. It doesn’t matter if you play the sport regularly or occasionally, safety should always be your priority. This is why you should never begin playing without a mouthguard. If you’re looking to customize a mouthguard for sports, call us at 256-712-2240. You can also visit Singing River Dentistry to discuss the various kinds of mouthguards based on the sport you play and the level of intensity the sport is played at.

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