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Dentistry for Children
Tuscumbia, AL

Young girl brushing her teeth before appointment at Singing River Dentistry in Tuscumbia, ALOne of the biggest mistakes parents make is consulting a regular dentist for their children’s dental problems. Dental care for children is different from adults, so are the tools, the treatment procedures, and the training professionals like us go through. If you want your child to have good oral hygiene, then it’s important to teach your child about proper oral hygiene and take them regularly to see Singing River Dentistry. We provide our little patients the best pediatric dentistry services in the area.

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Children’s Dental Treatment vs. Adult’s Dental Treatment

The body goes through various changes during the first fifteen to twenty years of life and a lot of these changes occur on the dental front. Children achieve dental maturity around the age of twenty years. The bone structure development is different in a child, which is why there are professionals that specialize in the field of pediatric dentistry. We help treat dental issues of children without any delay.

While parents find it convenient to take their children to their regular dentist, this isn’t good practice since that dentist may not be equipped to handle children’s dental problems.

Benefits Of Pediatric Dentistry

Just as there is a difference between your pediatrician and general physician, there are vast differences between a pediatric dentist and an adult dentist. We are equipped with everything and everything is designed keeping in mind the requirements of a child. We are also trained to help calm young children in distress and help identify the problem even if the child or parent isn’t able to explain what’s going on. Our technology and our dental exams cater to the age and specific needs of young children.

Some children tend to suffer from an overbite or an underbite. These issues are also better addressed with a visit to us as we are equipped to provide better care for children from a young age. Our professionals study for an additional two to three years, so we can effectively practice pediatric dentistry.

We are also trained to be patient with children and help to make them comfortable and feel at ease before any dental procedure begins. Even as adults you may tend to cringe when you hear the drill at a dental office, and you can’t expect your child to feel any different. Although parents want to be reassuring and try to help calm their children down, it’s always more effective when we do that for your child since we will be ones performing the actual procedure.

It’s also important for us to provide the right advice to children when it comes to oral care and dental hygiene. We try to get children excited about cleaning their teeth and make them feel comfortable about the entire procedure. The sooner your child learns about oral hygiene, the more effectively he or she will begin to care for their teeth.

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If you’re looking to book your appointment for your child, call us at 256-712-2240 or drop in at Singing River Dentistry and help your child have healthy gums and strong teeth from an early age.

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