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Night Mouth Guard Tuscumbia AL

Image of a mouthgaurdPeople use mouthguards for various reasons. While some suffer from grinding or clenching their teeth, which is also called bruxism, others need it to reduce jaw pain or for TMJ therapy. If you want to learn more about dealing with these conditions, visit Singing River Dentistry to learn about mouthguards and which ones might be right for you.

Prevents Snoring

Although this is the least of your concerns, people habituated to grinding and clenching their jaw in their sleep tend to snore. The snoring is caused because of the tension created in your teeth during the grinding action. The minute you wear a mouthguard, it helps release the tension and enables you to breathe better. We offer oral appliance therapy for those experiencing sleep apnea.

Money Saver

Repeatedly grinding your teeth in your sleep can result in multiple dental problems, including the loosening of your teeth, enamel chipping, and misalignment of your teeth. Treating these dental problems costs a lot of money, however using a simple mouthguard can help prevent all these dental issues from occurring. Not only does it help you maintain a beautiful smile, but it also helps keep your teeth and gum healthy.

Better Sleep

People that have the habit of grinding their teeth in their sleep put a lot of pressure on their jaws and this tends to break the sleep cycle now and then. Although grinding your teeth is something you do involuntarily, the repercussions stress your muscles, thereby forcing you to wake up in short intervals. People that grind their teeth at night are seldom sound sleepers and usually wake up feeling groggy and lethargic during the day. Wearing a mouthguard helps relieve the stress your muscles go through and helps you get better sleep.

Protection Against Tooth Damage

One of the best things about wearing a mouthguard at night is that your teeth will avoid damage which will help them stay healthy and strong. This involuntary grinding and clenching of your jaw can result in multiple dental problems. This can cause the enamel of your teeth to chip off, making your teeth oversensitive. It can also result in damaging fillings and root canal procedures, making it an expensive and painful affair to deal with. Wearing a mouthguard at night can help prevent the friction caused between the upper and lower jaw and helps to keep your teeth stronger and aesthetically appealing.

Less Pain

One of the worst things about grinding your teeth is that it causes a lot of pain in your jaw joints and muscles. This pain often extends to the ears, neck, and hip. Popping painkillers or ignoring the pain will not help and this condition will only get worse with time. If you want to make sure you don’t suffer from any of these problems, then getting a mouthguard to wear at night is highly recommended.

If you’ve been grinding your teeth for a while, stop torturing yourself and give us a call at 256-712-2240. We here at Singing River Dentistry can help provide you with custom-fitted mouthguards to help you sleep like a baby. This is one of the best solutions that you can find to help you find some rest at night.

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Night Guards for Bruxism - Tuscumbia, AL • Singing River
If you want to learn more about bruxism and teeth grinding, visit Singing River Dentistry to learn about mouthguards and which ones might be right for you!
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