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Your Teeth Need You to Consume Enough Vitamin D

Posted on 7/26/2021 by SRD Tuscumbia
Your Teeth Need You to Consume Enough Vitamin DVitamin D is linked to good oral health and incorporating it into your diet will yield results. Besides preventing gum disease by boosting your immunity, vitamin D also lowers the risk of tooth decay by mineralizing phosphorus and calcium for healthy teeth. While this vitamin is freely available in the sun rays, not everyone gets enough access to the sun given the tight daily schedules and fear of ultraviolet rays. Here are the reasons your teeth need to consume enough vitamin D.

Strong Teeth

Vitamin D is crucial in tooth and bone mineralization necessary for strong teeth. It specifically regulates the utilization of calcium and phosphorus, which strengthens teeth enamel. These minerals are stored in teeth and bones, and when the body cannot get enough from the diet, it will extract from these sources. If calcium and phosphorus supply is enough, vitamin D will regulate its storage back to the bones and teeth. This implies that a low supply of vitamin D affects its availability to the teeth, weakening the teeth.

Prevent Gum Disease

Vitamin D contains anti-inflammatory effects against gum disease. Adequate vitamin D will stimulate the dentin cells to release immune factors that repair infected teeth. Therefore, consuming sufficient vitamin D will increase the immune system defense against gingivitis and enhance oral wounds' healing. Given the above vitamin D benefits, you can increase your intake by consuming supplements or incorporating vitamin D rich foods such as salmon, egg yolk, and beef in your diet. You can also take fortified milk and cereals.

Finally, you should note that even with good dental hygiene and regular dental checkups, you can be at risk of tooth decay and gum disease if you have low vitamin D levels. Thus, if you frequently experience these issues, talk to us for diagnosis and treatment. For more details on the benefits of vitamin D for your teeth, contact our office today.
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