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Do You Have Options To Update Old, Dark Fillings?

Posted on 6/21/2021 by SRD Tuscumbia
Do You Have Options To Update Old, Dark Fillings?There comes a time when you have to update old filings. Before that, you will experience signs that show you the fillings that need updating or replacement. Some of the common signs include soreness in the tooth or beneath the filling. You may also notice a void between the filling and tooth, commonly caused by the grinding of teeth. Furthermore, when the filling can no longer be supported due to a crack on its body, it might be time to replace it. Luckily, you can consider white fillings and ceramic reconstruction dentistry when updating old and dark fillings.

White Fillings

This is one of the best options to consider. In most cases, white fillings are matched to your tooth's original color. Instead of sticking with the old filling, you can opt for white fillings that are undetectable in your mouth. They are a good option because they restore your tooth to its original condition, giving you a beautiful smile and natural-looking results. White fillings are advantageous because they are incredibly strong, putting up a good resistance to any potential damage. Furthermore, they are durable and have a great authentic appearance.

Ceramic Reconstruction Dentistry

When the dental fillings are severely damaged, ceramic reconstruction is the best option. This procedure is used to create a durable and aesthetic ceramic to replace the old dental fillings. It is a simple process that can also safeguard overlays, bridges, or dental crowns. However, if the filling is extensively damaged, it might take more than one visit to complete the procedure. Ceramic reconstructions are beneficial because they will leave your tooth visually appealing and quite stable. Besides, they fit perfectly into your tooth, making them a comfortable option. Visit our offices for more information on the various options to replace old and dark fillings.
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