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Is Bonding the Only Improvement Option You Have for Your Teeth?

Posted on 10/5/2020 by SRD Tuscumbia
Is Bonding the Only Improvement Option You Have for Your Teeth?Dental bonding may not be the only dental service performed to improve your teeth, but it is a very good one. Why get dental bonding? Perhaps you don't like that large space between your front teeth. Bonding can change that with a subtle closing of the space to exactly the way you like it. You may have some cracks or decayed teeth that need improvement. Bonding is a great treatment for all of those sorts of corrections too.

How Is Dental Bonding Used and What Are the Benefits?

Dental bonding is a method that we dentists use to repair small chips or cracks we often find on your teeth. We use a soft mixture of resin which is highly pliable to mold into any appropriate shape needed, just right for your teeth. The bonding is then polished and can be made to finish in any tooth-shade suited just for you. Dental bonding is suited for patients who want to improve the look and feel of their smile but do not wish to commit to inconvenient and burdensome treatments such as orthodontics. Dental bonding is a dynamic procedure producing outstanding and quick results. 

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Some bonding patients learn to care for their teeth with a little more concern and are careful when directly biting food with the front teeth. Bonding can last as long as four to eight years with proper care. This depends on the patient's eating and chewing tendencies. While dental bonding is not an absolute and perpetual solution to most dental restorative treatments, it is a long-lasting one and can last up to ten years or more. The most important barometer of the endurance of this service is the patient's ability to care for their teeth right after the bonding treatment. All our services are sure to please you and improve your smile, your outlook, and your overall appearance. Drop by or call for an appointment soon to find out more about this great dental service. You will find bonding both pleasant and very beneficial.

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